I love these so much. So easy to put up. You can make any pattern you want. Quick way to make a big difference and freshen up a space.

Re-decorate your tiled floor space, bathroom wall tiles or kitchen backsplash with these waterproof self adhesive tile stickers
Simple & easy to apply or remove (if needed). Waterproof, oil proof, easy to clean, brightly coloured & non-fading

Tile Stickers | Vinyl Self-Adhesive Wall, Floor, or Backsplash Tile Decals

20cm x 20cm | 8″ x 8″ decals


per 10 pack (0.4 m2 | 4.3 sq/ft coverage)



Waterproof, oil-proof, scratch-resistant, non-slip, corrosion-resistant, strong adhesion, tile stickers.

Environmentally friendly & non-toxic vinyl peel and stick adhesive tiles can be easily removed without leaving any traces or damage.

Can be used on any flat and clean surface, including ceramic, wood, glass, porcelain or stone.


Made from environmentally friendly polyethylene material, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, moisture-proof .

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20cm x 20cm | 8″ x 8″ decals


per 10 pack (0.4 m2 | 4.3 sq/ft coverage)

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20cm x 20cm | 8 inches x 8 inches. In each set you receive 10 pieces which will cover 0.4m2 or 4.3sq/ft


Easy to use

Clean the place to be pasted, tear off the protective film on the front, and then tear off the adhesive tape on the back, and press it on the wall. Environmentally friendly vinyl material, strong adhesion, waterproof and oil-proof, easy to disassemble, will not damage the wall, and the pattern will not fade.

Applicable places

These sticker tiles can decorate your space arbitrarily, including kitchen, bathroom, wall, fireplace, staircase, apartment, furniture, cabinets, etc.,not suitable for cement wall and painting wall,colorful patterns can add vitality to your space. The patterns are clear and colorful,Wall stickers make your space artistic.
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What are Tile Stickers?

Tile Stickers are adhesive decals or stickers that can be applied directly onto existing tiles to give them a new look without the need for replacing the tiles.

What are the benefits of using Tile Stickers?
Using Tile Stickers offers benefits such as cost-effectiveness compared to tile replacement, easy installation without the need for specialized tools, and the ability to quickly update the look of a space.
How do Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles differ from Tile Stickers?
Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles refer to tiles made from vinyl material that come with a self-adhesive backing. They are designed to be installed as complete tiles rather than applied as decals onto existing tiles.
What are the advantages of using Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles?
Using Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles provides advantages such as a durable and waterproof surface, a wide range of design options, and the ability to create a fresh new look for your space.
What are Tile Decals?
Tile Decals are decorative stickers specifically designed to be applied onto tiles, providing a quick and easy way to update the appearance of a tiled surface.
Can Tile Stickers be applied to different types of tiles?
Yes, Tile Stickers can be applied to various types of tiles, including ceramic, porcelain, and even some types of natural stone tiles. It’s important to ensure that the surface is clean and smooth for proper adhesion.
Are Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles suitable for high-moisture areas like bathrooms?
Yes, Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles are often designed to be moisture-resistant, making them suitable for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Can Tile Decals be easily removed without damaging the tiles?
Yes, Tile Decals are usually designed to be removable without causing damage to the underlying tiles. However, it’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s instructions for proper removal techniques.
Do Tile Stickers come in different sizes and shapes?
Yes, Tile Stickers are available in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different tile dimensions and design preferences. They can be easily trimmed or cut to fit specific tile sizes if needed.
Can Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles be used for both floors and walls?
Yes, Vinyl Self-Adhesive Tiles are versatile and can be used for both flooring and wall applications. They provide a practical and stylish solution for updating the look of any space.
Are Wall Tile Stickers easy to install?
Yes, Wall Tile Stickers are designed for easy installation. Just peel and stick them onto your wall tiles for a quick and hassle-free makeover.
Can Floor Tile Stickers be used in high-traffic areas?
Absolutely! Floor Tile Stickers are durable and made to withstand everyday foot traffic. They are a stylish and cost-effective way to update your floors.
Are Tile Stickers suitable for both walls and floors?
Yes, Tile Stickers can be applied to both walls and floors, giving you the flexibility to revamp various areas of your home.
Do Wall Tile Stickers leave residue or damage the original tiles when removed?
No, Wall Tile Stickers are designed to be removable without leaving residue or damaging your wall tiles, making them a temporary and non-destructive solution.
How long do Peel and Stick Tiles last?
Peel and Stick Tiles can last for several years when properly maintained. They are an excellent option for a temporary or long-term refresh.
Can Adhesive Tiles be used in wet areas like bathrooms or kitchens?
Yes, many Adhesive Tiles are waterproof and suitable for wet areas. They provide an easy and stylish way to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen.
Are Stick On Wall Tiles heat-resistant?
Stick On Wall Tiles are heat-resistant to a certain extent, but they may not be suitable for areas directly exposed to high heat sources, like stovetops.
Can Self Adhesive Tiles be repositioned if I make a mistake during installation?
Most Self Adhesive Tiles allow for repositioning during the initial installation. This flexibility makes them user-friendly for DIY projects.
Do Tile Stickers come in various patterns and styles?
Yes, Tile Stickers are available in a wide range of patterns, styles, and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect design to match your decor.
Can Wall Tile Stickers be used in rental apartments and easily removed when moving out?
Yes, Wall Tile Stickers are a great solution for renters. They can be removed without damaging the walls or tiles, making them ideal for temporary decor changes.
Are Floor Tile Stickers slip-resistant?
Many Floor Tile Stickers have a slip-resistant surface, providing safety in areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms and kitchens.
Do Tile Stickers require special cleaning or maintenance?
Tile Stickers are easy to clean with regular household cleaners and do not require any special maintenance.
Can Wall Tile Stickers be applied over existing tile grout lines?
Yes, Wall Tile Stickers can be applied over existing grout lines for a seamless look. They adhere well to both tiles and grout.
Are Peel and Stick Tiles suitable for outdoor use?
Most Peel and Stick Tiles are designed for indoor use. Using them outdoors may reduce their durability.
Can Adhesive Tiles be painted over?
While it’s possible to paint over Adhesive Tiles, it’s essential to use appropriate paint and preparation techniques for a lasting finish.
Do Stick On Wall Tiles provide insulation or soundproofing?
Stick On Wall Tiles can offer some insulation benefits, but they are not primarily designed for soundproofing.
Can Self Adhesive Tiles be used on textured surfaces?
For the best results, it’s recommended to apply Self Adhesive Tiles to smooth and clean surfaces.
Can Tile Stickers be used in commercial spaces?
Yes, Tile Stickers can enhance the aesthetics of commercial spaces, offering a cost-effective way to refresh the decor.
Do Wall Tile Stickers resist moisture and humidity in bathrooms?
Many Wall Tile Stickers are designed


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