I have been wanting to buy some aerator shoes for a while. I had some dirt work done in my side yard and the ground was packed down from the bull dozer and track hoe. I walked over almost an acre of lawn and did have to stomp a couple of times and adjust the straps some. I then went back the next day and sowed grass seed while wearing the aerators. I watered the part of the lawn I could reach with my water hose and I have a pretty good still stand of grass growing again. Good job!

One Size Fits All – Easy Use Aerator Spike Shoes

aerator shoes lawn

Aerator Shoes For Lawn


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An easy solution to help you aerate your lawn and help it grow to be lush and healthy. You will be amazed by it’s effectiveness.
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aerator shoes lawn
aerator shoes lawn
aerator shoes lawn
A lush and verdant lawn needs the right amount of air and water penetration to allow essential nutrients to enter the soil, and fortify the grass roots.

The Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes assists in breaking up compact soil to promote unobstructed air flow and water absorption, thus yeilding a stronger, healthier, lawn.



Wear our the Lawn Aerator Spike Shoes and walk around to cover the entire length of your garden for a way greener, healthier and more beautiful lawn and grass. Even better- wear them while mowing your lawn so that you accomplish two important tasks simultaneously!


The lawn aerator spike shoes offer a superior alternative over the professional gardening services which might cost you fortunes on lawn care and maintenance. However, these lawn aerator shoes are a one time investment that’s going to help you with several hundred cycles of yard aeration, and if maintained well even for a lifetime.


Our core aerator shoes are made up of a sturdy plastic base with good heel support, 13 heavy duty metal 48 mm spikes on each sandal, and 3 adjustable straps with strong buckles, designed to be highly anti-corrosive and durable. The lawn aerator sandals stay firmly on your feet and the sharp nails make it easy to dig the soil, and an effective core aerator.


The grass aerator shoes also come with a FREE small wrench to make the installation extremely easy. Once installed the core aerator shoes can be strapped over any of your strong shoes, making you ready even for the most difficult to reach areas of your lawn.


The lawn aeration shoes come with a 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are quite sure that you will find these spike aerator shoes sturdy and functionally effective as you watch your lawn get greener.
aerator shoes lawn
aerator shoes lawn
aerator shoes lawn
aerator shoes lawn
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Aerator Shoes For Lawn

Are the aerator spike shoes good to use before re-seeding lawn lawn, bare spots ?
YES, these aerator shoes would be very good at preparing the lawn for re-seeding or getting bare spots ready for seed. They do not damage or tear up the existing lawn any where near as much as an electric aerator does. I have both, so I have seen the difference. The shoes help and are gentle. I used the shoes with a liquid aerator for the best results.
Can these be used while cutting the grass?
What is the smallest size shoe that this will fit? I am interested in the smallest women's shoe size.
Customer Answer: I am sz 7, and they were big. The third strap barely covered my toes. That said, they still worked good.
Do you recommend this for slopes?
Yes, it will work on slopes.
Will these damage an irrigation system?
There is always a potential of damage, but if the irrigation system is using hard pic pipe and placed a few inches below the top soil then then I doubt that the Aerator shoes could cause any damage
Are you getting a pair of the lawn aerator shoes or just a single shoe?
It’s the pair.
Will they work in hard compacted soils?
Depends on how hard and compacted and how much you weigh. We have pretty hard clay soil here in AZ and they worked fine. You can always water your grass before hand

10 reviews for Aerator Grass Shoes | Lawn Care Shoes

  1. Mary

    Easy to assemble, I tested them after a heavy rain, I made lots of small holes everywhere, some sports at the same time, I validate. After that will be enough for me to have less foam in the lawn, we’ll see.

  2. MIren

    I bought aerator shoes to care for our lawn. It works quite well

  3. brendan

    Light and easy to use. Great exercise

  4. John

    The product works well and was easy to put together. Very easy to store as well. My grass is already doing better!

  5. Inna

    A bit of work to get them ready and could do with longer pins but they are sturdy and they hold on to your shoes. Good exercise as well if you’re up for it

  6. Gerry

    These came just in time. I was able to get these together in under 5 minutes. I have smaller feet so I only needed two straps and used my rain boots since they are diner sturdy. they were great!

  7. Roger

    Bought spiky shoes to help aerate the lawn and I’ve got some gravel here and there, I’ve STOMPED my yard 5 times already and I’ve had some bend just a little but none broke , wear boots or sturdy shoes and strap them down, it’ll hold I was impressed , they will go as tight as you want and hold there pretty good . Worth the buy, heck of a work out

  8. Alice

    I just strapped these on and walked around my front yard for an hour or so this evening, and they worked Great!

  9. Ruth

    The aerator spiked shoes worked great. Easy to assemble and attach to my shoes. I have only used them one time, but I am happy with them. I don’t have a lot of storage space for larger aerating tools so I tried these.

  10. Steven

    This was priced right and not difficult to put together. I was able to aerate my lawn quickly. It was surprisingly fun. Looked a little goofy wearing them, but the results are worth it.

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