Much better option than paying for expensive raised wooden garden beds or even for starting your seedlings before transplanting to another raised bed. Works well as wooden bed.

Heavy duty thickened non-woven fabric raised garden bed that are durable, corrosion & wear resistant which will last for years
This reinforced fabric plant bed will keep shape even when it is filled with soil & will not be buckle or fall over

Raised Garden Beds | Elevated Garden Bed

Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm x 30cm




Raised Garden Bed Turn Any Space Into A Garden!

Durable and breathable recycled felt fabric containers for raised garden beds. Raised garden beds are pH neutral and non-reactive.

The material provides a safe growing medium for all plants.

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A well-developed root system is the key to overall growth. Our raised garden bed provide roots with a healthy environment, allowing them to thrive and develop to their full potential. Vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruits all grow well in raised garden bed. It’s also a good option for a flower garden in a limited space.


Felt fabric & PVC pipe for structure & durability.


Ideal for garden plots, decks, roof gardens, etc.


Drainage ventilator design lets the roots breathe freely.
fabric raised bed

Heavy Duty Materials-Made from 100% recycled PET plastic! These raised garden beds are made of heavy-duty thickened non-woven fabric so that they are durable, corrosion and wear-resistant, and last for years.

The cloth adds exceptional drainage and helps aerate roots so plants grow healthier, faster, and stronger. At the end of the season, just fold it up and store it for next year! 120cm x 60cm X 20cm Height

This fabric plant pots keep shape even when it is filled with soil and will not be buckle or fall over. This non woven geotextile fabric planting bags can maintain air circulation and allow roots to absorb more oxygen and allows your plants to grow more rapidly. Thick potato growing bags will retain enough water to keep the soil moist for a longer time. This fabric pot can quickly drain excess water to avoid root rot caused by excessive watering. These gardening supplies fabric planter are perfect for using in your home garden, patio or other places, especially suitable for those who want to have a garden. Our large planter pot have unique double stitches sewing, the sides are sturdy and not off-line, you do not need to worry that will the line will off. Even if plant pot is filled with soil, the sturdy bilateral sewing will keep the planting bag in an upright shape and will not easily bend or tip over. When the growing season is over, simply empty the soil out of the rectangle flower pot and pack it away. The smart fabric pots are durable and can be reused year after year. Our rectangle planters for outdoor plants require no assembly, unfold the black fabric bag and place on any flat surface, such as brick floor, concrete floor and yard etc.

breathable raised garden bed
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Frequently Asked Questions About The Raised Garden Bed

What should these be put on- directly in a yard, on a patio, something else?
Water will drain through so I recommend you put them on a platform somewhere the water won’t collect and cause mold.
Should you use potting soil or potting mix or a combination of the two with these?
I used both and it works fine and my zucchinis are growing healthy as we speak.
Is it eco friendly?
The statement of eco-friendly is predicated on the ability of these devices to slowly provide water to a specific area over a period of time (15 gallon in 5-8 hours). This prevents unintended wasting of water (a very precious natural resource) through use of unmonitored/uncontrolled running of hoses, non-timed sprinkler systems, etc.

The average GPM (Gallon per Minute) supplied by a garden hose is ~12. Using simple math; 12 x 60 = 720 gallons per hour. At 5 hours (5 x 720), this equates to 3600 gallons. Hydro-Seep uses .004 of that quantity.


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